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Be My Hero? -puppy dog pout-

Jun. 19th, 2012 | 07:33 pm
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I want all the JE stuff to finally become torrent download batches. It's been a long time coming and really needs to happen especially since the direct downloading sites are being closed down.

I want the complete series torrent collections (plus English subs in highest quality) of:
- 2 Days & 1 Night {Korean show!}
- All JE interview shows
- Banjun Drama {Korean show!}
- Cartoon KAT-TUN
- D no Arashi {and all other variations}
- Drama City {Korean show!}
- Family Outing {Korean show!}
- Good Sunday: Explorers of the Human Body {Korean show!}
- Hadaka no Shounen
- Hanamaru Cafe
- ItteQ
- Johhny's Concerts + Behind the Scenes
- Johnny's Countdown Events
- Johnny's Music Videos
- Johnny's Sports Events
- Non Stop {Korean show!}
- Running Man {Korean show!}
- Shimura Zoo
- Shinhwa {Korean show!}
- Shounen Club
- Star King {Korean show!}
- Super Junior Full House {Korean show!}
- Super Junior Mini-Drama {Korean show!}
- Tokyo Friend Park II
- We Got Married {Korean show!}
- X-Man {Korean show!}
- Ya-ya-yah!

I would even make a place for these to be linked if people would do that. They could use this LJ or even the Blogger I made and is STILL empty yet completely set up to handle this type of thing.

OH!!! And I'm looking for the complete series torrent for Tokyo Ghost Trip subbed by DoReMii that is still active with English subtitles. They say it's on D-Addicts but all I found was an incomplete file without subs and the subbers keep insisting otherwise.

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To Explain

Dec. 31st, 2010 | 10:43 pm
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Until a few hours ago I was under the name/account "DuneAlia" but I deleted the account and started this one under the name of "Stelladell". So, this would be my first posting as well.

Just to avoid confusion . . .

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